From Tokyo to Luang Prabang and Jiuzhaigou to Bangkok, Buddhism has had a profound affect on Asia.  Originating in India, Buddhism entered China via the Silk Road and later made its way to both Korea and Japan.  The southern school of Buddhism settled in places such as Laos and Thailand and threaded its way to southern China.  Each country or locale has melded Buddhism to reflect its own culture.
Buddhist Image Gallery

BUDDHA - JINHONG - Buddhism in southern China was greatly influenced by the schools of Buddhism introduced from Burma and Southeast Asia.  The style of architecture and sculpture has a marked difference from those found in the other parts of China.  The statues appear to be more graceful and less round.  
This particular figure was found in the Menghan Dai Village not far from Jinhong in the southwestern part of China know as Xishuangbanna.
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