From Tokyo to Luang Prabang and Jiuzhaigou to Bangkok, Buddhism has had a profound affect on Asia.  Originating in India, Buddhism entered China via the Silk Road and later made its way to both Korea and Japan.  The southern school of Buddhism settled in places such as Laos and Thailand and threaded its way to southern China.  Each country or locale has melded Buddhism to reflect its own culture.
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SAFFRON ROBES  - In the Western Hills located just outside of the city of Kunming in western China lie a multitude of small temples and pavilions.   From the Western Hills magnificent views of Lake Dian and the countryside beyond unfold.  
Created over the centuries, these temples offer a glimpse of the history in this area and the importance of the various religions and philosophies to China.  From the summit, meandering back down the hills, one encounters an out-of-the-way temple.  Within its quiet splendor is found a series of Buddhist statues draped in their saffron robes
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